How to Enable Bluetooth in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles offers Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth allows cell phone and GPS users to access their electronic device without the need to touch anything but a button on their dash or steering wheel. Bluetooth will type text messages, dial contacts, answer phone calls and even pick up directions on your GPS while playing the sound out of your stereo speakers. Enabling Bluetooth in your Vehicles with your other electronic devices can be challenging, but once you've done it, the process will have been worth it.

Under The Hood:

 How to Enable Bluetooth in My Pontiac G8

Turn on your electronic device, such as your GPS or cell phone, and enable the Bluetooth connection on that device. Open the menu of your device and select settings off the menu. Select connection settings, which should include one for Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth and turn on the setting. Your electronic device should automatically search for the Pontiac G8 Bluetooth. Select the Pontiac G8 from the list of Bluetooth devices on your electronic device. Your electronic device will prompt you to type in a code to connect to the Pontiac G8.

Start your Pontiac G8. Hold the OnStar button (located on your dash or steering wheel) until you hear "OnStar Ready" over your speakers. Respond by saying "Bluetooth." The system will respond with "Bluetooth Ready." The Bluetooth capability has been turned on for the G*, but you still need to connect your device to the Bluetooth to receive a signal.

Listen for the system to say "Bluetooth Ready." Respond by saying "Pair." The G8 OnStar will give you a code, which may be displayed on the dash display or spoken over the speaker.

Enter the code into your electronic device, which is now in sync with your Pontiac G8 Bluetooth.

Items you will need

  • Bluetooth electronic device

 How to Enable Bluetooth on a 2007 Tahoe

Remove the trim surrounding the radio and climate controls by pulling down on the bottom of the trim and working up toward the air vents. Some wires may be connected, but just disconnect these.

Unscrew the bolts holding the radio in place. Once all the bolts are removed, slide the radio out. Disconnect any wires and the antenna from the rear of the radio.

Plug the Bluetooth kit into the position previously taken by the radio.

Run the microphone underneath the carpeting and in between the weather stripping up to the A-pillar near the windshield. The A-pillars are the two angled metal strips the windshield of the car lies in between.

Locate the cigarette lighter plug, remove it and insert the Bluetooth button.

Items you will need

  • GM/Chevrolet Bose HandsFree Bluetooth Phone Car Kit

  • Screwdriver

 How to Enable Bluetooth in a Nissan Altima

Initial Setup

Shift the vehicle in "Park." The system will not set up the Bluetooth system while the vehicle is in motion or in any other position than "Park."

Press the "Send" button on the steering wheel, which has a picture of a telephone receiver positioned at a 45-degree angle. Pressing "Send" will activate the voice-controlled system.

Say "Connect Phone." The system will repeat the command for confirmation.

Say "Add phone," at which point the system will again acknowledge the command.

Place your cell phone into "Pairing" mode. For specific instructions, refer to the owner's manual of your particular cell phone.

Enter "1 2 3 4" on your cell phone when prompted by the system. This is the Bluetooth password used to connect the device.

Say a name for the phone when prompted by the system. Once the name is registered, the phone will be ready for use.

Placing a Call

Press the "Send" button on the steering wheel.

Say "Call" after the tone sounds.

Say "Phone Number" then say the phone number, one digit at a time, starting with the area code.

Press the "End" button on the steering wheel, which has a picture of a horizontal telephone receiver, to end the call.

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