Impala Bluetooth Instructions

by Jessica Best

One of the many features available in the 2011 Chevrolet Impala is an integrated Bluetooth system, which allows the driver to make and receive calls through the stereo speakers on the car, instead of messing with a cellular phone. Up to five phones can be paired to the Bluetooth in the Impala, although only the first available one will be connected if two or more are in range.

Pair the Cellular Device and the Impala

Step 1

Hold the "Phone" button located on the audio system for approximately two seconds.

Step 2

Say "Bluetooth."

Step 3

Say "Pair." The system will say a four-digit PIN number, which you must enter into the phone.

Step 4

Turn on the Bluetooth pairing on the cellular phone. This varies by manufacturer, but is usually "Settings," "Connections," "Bluetooth," then "Pair" or "Make Discoverable."

Step 5

Locate "Chevrolet Impala" from the list of available devices on the cellular phone.

Step 6

Enter the four-digit PIN that was provided in Step 3. The phone and the Impala are now paired together.

Make a Call

Step 1

Hold the "Phone" button again for approximately two seconds.

Step 2

Tell the system to "Dial" or "Call."

Step 3

Clearly say the entire phone number to be called. The call is now being connected.

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