How to Pair Your Bluetooth Phone with Your BMW 3 Series, X3, X5, Z4, M3 and M Roadster

by Editorial Team
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Many new BMWs allow you to connect your cell phone to your in car system. Once you have made this connection via Bluetooth live calls will automatically transition from your phone to your car system as you enter your car. Also, it will allow talk on the phone via your in-car system while you drive.

Step 1

Start your BMW. It will automatically be in pairing mode for the 2 minutes after it is started.

Step 2

Go to the connections menu in your Bluetooth enabled phone and select "search for devices"

Step 3

You should see an ID appear on your phone that starts with BMW. Select this device ID.

Step 4

Enter the passkey. Once prompted you will only have 20 seconds to complete the task.

Step 5

Now check the radio display. It should indicate that the pairing process was successful. At this point your data will be downloaded into the cars system.

Step 6

Confirm that your contacts have been loaded into the system and perform a test call.

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