How to Set Up a Cell Phone With a Jeep Wrangler JK

by Robert Moore

Setting up your smartphone with the Uconnect system in your 2015 Jeep Wrangler isn't as complicated as it might look. You can pair up to seven phones to the system by repeating this procedure for each phone.

Step 1

Push the Phone button on the Uconnect system. Wait for the ready prompt, then say, "Set up phone pairing." Wait for the system to enter setup mode. When prompted by a short beep, say, "Pair a phone."

Step 2

Wait for the prompt and enter a four-digit PIN number. Choose any four-digit number that you can easily remember. Punch the number into the Uconnect system, using numbers on the touch screen, and press "Next."

Step 3

When prompted, choose and say a name for your phone. Choose a priority from one to seven, with one being the highest, when prompted. Wait for the system to say "Complete."

Step 4

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and select "Scan for Devices." Select Uconnect from the list and insert the four digit pin you chose earlier. Wait for the pairing to complete. Repeat this process using a different name and priority for any other phones you would like to program to the system.

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