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Toyota Venza Navigation Instructions

by Dustin Thornton

The Venza is a cross-over wagon manufactured by Toyota introduced in 2008. Like other modern vehicles the Toyota Venza has a touchscreen navigation system built into the dash that features GPS navigation as well as Bluetooth hands-free calling. Although setting the destination address on the Toyota Venza navigation system may seem complicated at first, it is a straight-forward task and relatively simple once you understand how.

Step 1

Stop the vehicle and put the gear in "Park." For safety, Toyota requires the vehicle not be moving to set the destination address in the navigation system.

Step 2

Press the "DEST" button on the right side of the navigation control panel in the Toyota Venza.

Step 3

Tap the "Address" button on the touchscreen of the navigation panel.

Step 4

Tap "Search Area" on the touchscreen. A map of the United States will appear.

Step 5

Select your search area from the list of available search areas on the touchscreen and tap "OK." Each of the search areas pertains to a specific region in the United States; for example, the "US2" search area encompasses areas within California and Nevada.

Step 6

Input the name of the destination city using the letters on the touchscreen. Tap "OK." A list of city names matching the city name entered will appear. Tap the desired city name from the list.

Step 7

Input the name of the destination street using the letters on the touchscreen, without any suffixes or prefixes. Tap "OK." A list of street names matching the street name entered will appear. Tap the desired street name from the list.

Step 8

Input the street number using the numbers on the touchscreen and tap "OK."

Tap "Go To" on the screen to begin navigation.

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