How to See What Rims Look Good on a Car

by Anthony Smith
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Buying a new set of rims or wheels for your car can be very expensive. The decision you make on which rims to buy will also most likely be one that you have to live with for quite a while. Like many would-be buyers, you probably wish that you could see the rims on the car before buying them, but of course that is probably impossible. With the use of some modern technology, anyone can see what any style of rim will look like on their car.

Step 1

Get a digital camera and take a picture of your car with a full side view, with the vehicle filling the entire frame.

Step 2

Remove the SD card and insert it into the card reader on the computer.

Step 3

Use the computer to navigate to the picture file on the SD card and right click on it with your mouse.

Step 4

Select "Open with.." and then choose "Paint". The paint software comes standard on all Windows operating systems. The car picture file will open within the Paint software window. Minimize the window for now.

Step 5

Go online and locate a picture of the style(s) of wheels you are considering for your car. Right click on the picture and select "Copy."

Step 6

Return to the Paint window and from the pane on the left, click on the bottom image of the rectangle, sphere, and cube. Then select "Edit" from the top of the window, and then "Paste." The picture of the rim will appear in the window.

Step 7

Using your mouse, click and hold on one of the corners of the picture of the rim and drag it to resize the picture to where it is of appropriate size for the car.

Step 8

Release the mouse button, move the cursor to the center of the rim picture, and once again click and hold with your mouse. Then drag the rim picture to the right spot on the car picture and let go.

Step 9

Right click on the rim picture and select "Copy", then "Paste." You can then drag the second rim into place and see exactly what your car will look like with these rims.

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