How to Apply Car Window Decals

by Gryphon Adams
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Get the best results when applying car window decals by following expert tips. Whether you are applying a small decal such as a college sticker or parking permit or adhering a large rear window graphic, choosing the right tools, in the best weather conditions, and taking plenty of time will assure effective decal application.

Step 1

Pick the right conditions. Apply the decal on a warm, dry day or in the garage. Excessive heat or cold affects the adhesive. Choose temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for car window decal application. (See Reference 1)

Step 2

Clean the glass with mild soap and water. Use a lint-free cloth (such as microfiber or a lens cleaner for cameras or eyeglasses) to dry window to assure no lint or dust specks get on the decal.

Step 3

Assemble the right tools for the job: masking tape, squeegee (or credit card) and a knife.

Step 4

Put the decal where you want it. Put masking tape across the top of the decal to hold it to the window.

Step 5

Use the squeegee or credit card to press the backing. T&L Ink Custom Window Decals advises: "Use overlapping strokes to apply, starting at the top center and working down and toward each edge." (See Reference 2) Use a smooth, slow stroke. Go over the entire backing.

Step 6

Watch as you peel off the backing. If any of the decal lifts off the glass, press it back down with the knife. Press all of the backing again with the squeegee or credit card. Go slower and use more pressure. Remove the backing and the decal is set.

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