How to Clean the Inside of Car Windows Without Streaks

by Kimbry Parker
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Cleaning car windows is often a difficult, but a necessary task. It is a challenge to clean the inside of the car windows without leaving streaks on the glass. Streaks often occur because improper cleaning products and methods are used to clean the windows. Fortunately, you can clean car windows and leave them streak-free by following a few easy instructions.

Step 1

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Fill an empty spray bottle with two cups distilled water. Add ½ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol to the bottle. Shake the bottle lightly to combine the ingredients.

Step 2

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Fold a surgical towel into an 8x8-inch square. Surgical towels are lint-free and absorbent, making them ideal for cleaning windows. Surgical towels can be purchased at most auto parts or home improvement stores.

Step 3

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Spray a generous amount of window cleaner onto the towel. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the glass.

Step 4

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Wipe down the interior glass, working on one window at a time. Work from the top of the window down towards the bottom. Apply pressure and use a sweeping motion to make sure that no part of the glass is missed. Roll each window down about one inch to clean the top portion of the glass.

Step 5

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Apply more window cleaner to the rag, as necessary. Switch to clean portions of the rag, or to a new rag altogether, as the surgical towels becomes dirty.

Step 6

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Buff each window promptly after cleaning. Use a microfiber towel to wipe over the window, removing any excess cleaner and eliminating any streaks.

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