How to Clean Convertible Plastic Windows

by Kaye Morris
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Driving with the top down on a convertible is a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon, but convertible tops require specific cleaning different from the rest of the car. The plastic windows on convertible tops often grow dull and loose transparency over time, and traditional cleaning used on glass windows does not work on plastic windows. In fact, cleaning plastic windows with glass cleaner may cause damage to the plastic. Maintaining plastic windows in perfect condition is easily accomplished with the right tools.

Step 1

Wipe the plastic window with a damp chamois to remove normal dust and dirt. Dry with a 100 percent cotton cloth.

Step 2

Clean the window with a commercial cleaner made specifically for plastic products if the windows do not come clean using the chamois. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use of the cleaner.

Step 3

Polish the plastic using a small, orbital polisher and a commercial polish made specifically to return the transparency back to the plastic. Sweep the polisher gently across the plastic to avoid damaging the plastic.

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