How to Glue the Back Glass to the Top of a Convertible Top Car

by Sarah Coennen
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Convertible cars are a type of luxury car in which you can lower the top of the car to allow for an open-air vehicle. Some convertibles have a glass window on the back of the convertible top. This does several things, including but not limited to providing a more durable frame for the convertible top, and ensuring a clear spot to look through when driving. Gluing the top to the back glass when it comes off or has been replaced is not very difficult.

Step 1

Clean the glass where the glue will be applied. Use the glass cleaner and paper towels to make sure it is completely clean.

Step 2

Apply a bead of weld-bond glue to the edges of the glass. Carefully apply the prepared glass to the convertible top. Make sure you keep the convertible top straight. If you can find someone to help you, this whole process will be easier.

Step 3

Apply pressure to the fabric convertible top around the perimeter of the glass. Maintain this pressure for three to five minutes.

Step 4

Wipe off any excess or seeping glue with the paper towels. If the glue begins to dry, you can remove it by wetting a cotton square or circle with acetone-based fingernail polish, and rub off the dried glue using the cotton swabs.

Step 5

Clean the glass with the glass cleaner and paper towels 12 hours after installation of the glass. Do not drive the car for another 12 hours to ensure that the glue has completely cured.

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