How to Stop a Car Window From Freezing Shut

by Kayar Sprang

If you live in the northern part of the country, and your car sits outside in the wintry weather for a period of time, the windows can freeze shut. The only thing you can do to thaw the windows is to start the car and run the heater. The warm air will thaw the windows eventually. Don't try to use warm water to get the windows open because it can easily crack or break the frozen glass. Prevention is always the best cure. Instead of waiting until a problem happens, you can proactively stop a car window from freezing shut.

Step 1

Buy a can of silicone spray lubricant at a local auto parts store. Silicone spray is very slippery. It can be used to lubricate most anything, according to The Natural Handyman (see resources). Silicone spray is also resistant to water. It prevents ice from forming.

Step 2

Wind the car window all the way down. Carefully spray the rubber channels on the left, right and top of the window with silicone spray, according to the Garage-Pak web site (see reference). A light coating of spray should do the trick. Wipe off any overspray on the car door or window with an old rag.

Step 3

Wind the window up and down a few times to spread the silicone spray into the channels. The rubber will stay soft and pliable, and it won't freeze to the door frame.

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