How to Get the Crease Out of Window Tint

by Jennifer Habersham

Applying tint to your windows is a lengthy process that requires a number of tools and leaves lots of room for mistakes. The most common mistakes that occur when applying tint to your car windows are air bubbles and creases. While your first instinct may be to remove the tint all together and start over, you can try to remedy the problem by yourself first. While removing creases in your window tint can be a lengthy process, it is quite simple.

Step 1

Plug your hair dryer into a power source. Because you will need to hold the hair dryer close to the window tint, you may need to use an extension cord to make sure that it will reach.

Step 2

Apply heat to your crease. You'll want to use a medium heat setting and hold the gun about 2 inches from the crease.

Step 3

Decide in which direction you want to work when removing the crease. You will only be using one continuous motion--edge of the crease and to the right, bottom of the crease and up--so determine which is the easiest direction for you to work in. If the crease is close to the left you may want to work from the crease and to the left. If the crease is near the bottom, you will want to work from the crease and down.

Step 4

Place the edge of your credit card on the crease and the heat from the hair dryer directly behind the card.

Step 5

Drag the credit card across the crease moving the hair dryer so that it follows the credit card. Do not drag the card back over the crease in the reverse motion, instead pick the card up and place it at the beginning of the crease (where you started).

Step 6

Continue to drag the credit card, followed by the hair dryer, over the crease until it is removed.

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