How to Remove 3M-Tape Ventshade From an Auto

by Jenny Carver

VentShades are great for shielding the sun and for keeping rain from getting inside your vehicle while the windows are slightly cracked. 3M-tape is extremely sticky and strong, and is made to hold the VentShade in place for years. The problem arises when you want to remove the 3M-tape VentShade from your car. After pulling the VenShade off, the 3M-tape can seem almost impossible to remove. With the proper materials and a little hard work, the 3M-tape can be removed, though some marks may stay visible after the tape is gone.

Step 1

Heat the glue with a blow dryer or heat gun. Aim the heat directly at the glue, but keep it moving so the heat doesn't affect the paint around the glue. Heat the glue for three minutes, or until it is very warm to the touch.

Step 2

Put gloves on to prevent your hands from being cut. Wind the ends of a 2-foot piece of fishing line around each hand and place the middle of the line at the end of the VentShade. Use the fishing line to cut between the car and the VentShade. Slide the fishing line under the VentShade, trying to keep the line below the 3M-tape to scrap most of it off. Pull the VentShade off the car. Take the gloves off.

Step 3

Rub your bare fingers across the glue until you get as much off as you can. Rubbing your skin against the glue removes a large amount of the thick glue and makes the next step much easier.

Step 4

Apply 3M Residue Remover to a rag and wipe it onto the remaining glue. Begin at the front of the glue strip and soak it with the 3M Residue Remover. Soak and concentrate on small sections at a time. Soak the glue and then use a dry rag to rub back and forth until almost all of the glue is gone. Repeat this until all of the glue residue is gone.

Step 5

Wash the car thoroughly with car wash soap and water. Concentrate on the area around the door, and underneath the door around the window to remove any residue left by the 3M Residue Remover.

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