How to Keep Car Clearcoat From Peeling More

by Simon Green
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A clear coat is a protective layer applied over the car paint that protects the metal from UV rays and the weather. This layer of protection stops the paint and metal bodywork from fading and corroding. Over time, the clear coat will naturally start to flake and peel, so it is important to stop it receding any further as soon as it is noticed. This system is only a quick fix; as the clear coat continues to peel, the car body may need to be sanded down to the metal and repainted.

Step 1

Dip pieces of 1500-grit wet-and-dry sandpaper in water and rub the area where the clear coat is peeling to remove all the flakes.

Step 2

Take a close look at the area to ensure the edges of the peeling area all smooth and show no signs of layering. Several coats of clear coat are applied to car bodies, and peeling occurs when water gets in between these layers. Continue to sand until this effect is achieved. Sanding down the flaking areas keeps water from intruding below the layers.

Step 3

Use a lint-free cloth with some car polish and apply to the affected area in a circular motion so the polish is worked into the paint. This offers a layer of protection that the missing clear coat no longer can.

Step 4

Repeat the last step, but this time use wax instead of polish to add a final layer of protection to the bodywork.

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