How to Apply a Teflon Coating

by Harvey Birdman
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Teflon coatings are used to give your car's paint job a clear but strong protective finish. The Teflon coating helps repel water and prevent dirt from adhering to the surface of the paint. This process will take the better part of an afternoon but will give you years of service and save you money in paint repair bills. As with all other car coats, the application process is best done on a clear, sunny day.

Step 1

Drive your car to a clear area where you can wash it down out of traffic; your driveway would be an ideal location. Rinse off any dirt and leaves from the car with a spray from your water hose. Make sure your windows are rolled all the way up beforehand.

Step 2

Wash the car down with a soap and water solution. Use a rag to scrub down the outside of the car. Get into the seams and any grooves on the surface to clean hard-to-reach spots. Wash the entire outside of the car and the wheels as well. Even if the area won't be Teflon coated, it is still a good idea to wash it down. Dry the car off thoroughly with towels; any water left on the paint surface can interfere with the Teflon coating application.

Step 3

Shake the Teflon spray can to mix the Teflon solution before using. Pull the trigger and spray the Teflon coating onto the paint with steady back and forth streams. Continue spraying until the entire painted surface of the car is coated with a thin film. The Teflon film will need to dry without disturbance, so do not work on a rainy day or under a tree. The time it takes for the coating to dry will depend on the brand of Teflon coating you are using, but a few hours should do.

Step 4

Use a clean rag to rub off the Teflon wax. This wiping just takes off the excess. The Teflon coating that has adhered to the paint job will not come off with a light rub.

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