How to Paint the Roof of a Car

by Ben Wakeling
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Having a car painted by a professional can cost a lot of money. However, you can paint your car yourself, but you must ensure you are fully committed as the task takes time, effort and precision. Painting the roof of a car is a common trend in modern society, and allows the owner of a car to adapt the paintwork of the car to better suit his or her personality.

Step 1

Wash the roof of your car to rid it of any dirt or dust. You may need to use grease remover for any stubborn areas. The paint will not bond properly to your car if the surface is not clean.

Step 2

Sand down any areas that are rough or raised. Use a coarse piece of sandpaper for areas that are very rough, and fine sandpaper to smooth smaller areas.

Step 3

Cover all windows and mirrors with paper or plastic stuck down with masking tape.

Step 4

Apply primer to your car roof to allow the paint to adhere to your vehicle. Be sure to spread it evenly. If you are working in a garage, open all doors and windows to ensure proper ventilation. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly.

Step 5

Paint the roof of your car, using either a brush or a spray gun. Spread a base coat, and leave to dry for 15 minutes before applying the second coat. Allow the second coat to dry thoroughly.

Step 6

Aapply a clear coat to the roof of your vehicle. You will need to apply at least three coats, leaving each coat to dry for 15 minutes.

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