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How to Use Grease to Prevent Rust

by Crystal Mercado

Rust occurs when, over a period of time, oxygen comes into contact with a variety of metals such as iron or steel. In order to prevent objects such as iron utensils from rusting, a protective layer of an anti-rusting agent or material such as grease is typically applied. Applying grease to your metal objects to avoid rusting is a relativity simple procedure that can be performed with just a few household items.

Step 1

Purchase a grease lubricant at your local hardware store. Buy enough grease to fully cover the surface area of your metal object.

Step 2

Place a towel or several towels--depending on your object's size--over a flat surface. This will keep your workspace clean and free of any greasy residue. Place your metal object on top of the towels once everything is prepared.

Apply a thin, even layer of grease over your metal object. Use a small handheld paintbrush to get into any small crevices the object may have.

Items you will need

  • Towel
  • Paintbrush

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