How to Rustproof Chrome Bumpers

by Brittiany Cahoon

There's nothing worse than a rusty bumper on your car. Chrome is especially prone to rust since it is a coating for other metals. Not only does it look bad, but it can be a potential road hazard. Because re-plating a chrome bumper on your car can be costly, it's easier to prevent rust from happening in the first place. As long as you properly maintain your bumper, you can keep your chrome looking like new.

Remove any rust that may already be on the bumper by scraping it away with soap, water and steel wool.

Polish the chrome with a polish made especially for chrome. Dab a small amount on your bumper and rub it into the chrome with a cotton cloth.

Clean your bumper with an anti-rust product such as Boeshield T-9 12 oz. aerosol spray or Bull Frog Heavy Duty Rust Blocker Gel. Apply these products with a cotton cloth.


  • If there is rust in cracks on your bumper, use a toothbrush and household cleaner to remove the rust.


  • When using steel wool to remove rust, keep it away from painted parts of the vehicle.

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