How to Color Tint Chrome

by Alisa Stevens
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Manufacturers use chrome for decorative purposes, to provide corrosion resistance, to ease cleaning procedures or to increase surface hardness. Owners can change the look of their vehicles by simply tinting the chrome on the bumpers, grill or other external car parts. In addition, as time passes, chrome plating may scratch, crack, rust or corrode, requiring a touch-up or replacement. Regardless of reasoning, you can change the color of your chrome fairly easily. However, you must tint or paint a chrome surface carefully since the color will not adhere well unless properly prepared.

Step 1

Determine what color you want to tint the chrome and purchase it.

Step 2

Clean the chrome with the soap and water. Scrub lightly using the rag. Scrubbing too hard will cause peeling and scratching that will need repairing before tinting. Rinse with warm water and let it dry.

Step 3

Look for rust on the chrome. Sand any rust spots down with the sandpaper. Dust off any rust particles with the soft brush. Repeat this process until the rust is smooth or eliminated.

Step 4

Apply the adhesion promoter with the paint brush. Wait for it to dry. Read promoter instructions for drying times since they vary by brand.

Step 5

Spray the self-etching primer on the chrome. Even out the primer using a different paint brush. Wait for it to dry. Review primer instructions for drying time since it varies by brand. Apply the second coat and wait for it to dry.

Step 6

Apply the tint to the chrome with another paint brush. Wait for it to dry and repeat until chrome is the desired color.

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