How to Paint a Side View Mirror

by Melanie Fleury
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Painting your side view mirror of the car can be a harder task than painting other parts. The side view mirror is often made of a plastic that can be hard for the paint to adhere to. Fortunately, it is possible to do on your own at home, with just a few extra steps to make sure that the paint does not flake or chip later.

Step 1

Sand down the area of the side mirror that you are going to paint. The surface should be smooth when completed. Sanding helps the paint to adhere to the surface without peeling or chipping.

Step 2

Tape off any areas that are not to be painted, or that paint may get on. This includes the glass and parts of the car near the side mirror. Use newspaper to cover the areas, and painters tape to secure it.

Step 3

Wipe the sanded area with a lint free rag. Lint free rags help to keep debris from sticking on the side mirror, which could cause the paint to bubble or be uneven.

Step 4

Spray adhesion spray, also called adhesion promoter, to the side view mirror. One to two coats is sufficient. Allow time to dry before applying anything else.

Step 5

Spray two coats of primer, allowing time to dry in between each coat. Two to three coats is adequate. After final coat dries, sand down to create a scuffed surface for the paint. Wipe off dust with the lint free rag.

Step 6

Paint the side view mirror with the paint color that matches your car. Call a dealership and give them the make and model of your car and they can tell you the exact colors that were used on your car in that specific year so that you can match it at your auto parts store. Spray two to three coats, allowing enough time to dry in between.

Step 7

Spray on clear coat to create a polished, shiny look for your rear view mirror. Allow 24 hours to cure, away from wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

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