How to Buy a Paint-Matched Car Replacement Mirror

by Blaze Johnson

If you have a damaged side mirror on your vehicle and need to purchase a replacement, there are many options available to you. Purchasing a paint-matched side mirror from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may be possible depending upon the make, model and year of your vehicle. Typically, replacement body components do not come painted and must be painted to match by a qualified body shop or by a competent do-it-yourself person. If your side mirrors are a flat black color, you may not need to paint them as most OEM or aftermarket replacement mirrors come in black.

Step 1

Remove the damaged side mirror from your vehicle (refer to a repair manual specific to your vehicle in order to perform this operation). Travel to a local junkyard with your damaged side mirror in hand to find a color-matched replacement for your vehicle. If a replacement mirror is not available, the staff at the junkyard may be able to check with other junkyards across the country to locate a suitable paint-matched replacement.

Step 2

Take your vehicle down to a local dealership authorized to service your particular make and model. Ask them to order a replacement mirror and paint it to match. They will inspect your vehicle to obtain the specific paint code needed to perfectly match the mirror with your vehicle’s exterior color.

Step 3

Consider buying an aftermarket replacement side mirror and having a reputable auto body repair shop paint-match it for you. You will need to give the auto body your vehicle’s paint code in order for them to correctly match the mirror’s paint to your car or truck. Click on the Resource below for instructions about how to locate the paint code for your specific vehicle.

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