How to Find out the Interior Color of a Mercedes Benz

by Stephania M
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Mercedes Benz uses individual codes to describe the colors on different parts of their vehicles. Interior color codes identify interior components, such as leather seating or dashboards. If you need to touch up or replace these interior components, knowing the Mercedes interior color code or color will be useful.

Step 1

Contact your Mercedes dealer and give him your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. He can use this information to find out your vehicle's original interior colors.

Step 2

Check your original purchase sticker. Typically, these stickers highlight many vehicle options, including interior colors or color codes.

Step 3

Look for your Mercedes data card in your owner's manual. It provides a series of numbers that represent different vehicle options, including colors. Take the card to your Mercedes dealer to help you decipher all the codes, if descriptions are not available.

Step 4

View the Mercedes Benz World Forum. As of 2010, some member posts provide a list of all interior color codes for cloth, artificial leather and genuine leather seats. You should verify the accuracy with a Mercedes dealer.

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