How to Reset a Honda Maintenance Minder

by David Clair
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Many Honda vehicles are equipped with Honda's Maintenance Minder function; it displays the engine oil life indicator or maintenance requirements at certain mileage intervals. When you have a Honda service department change your Honda's oil or perform factory-scheduled maintenance, the Honda technician will usually reset the service minder, eliminating the service-required notice from the instrument panel information display until the next interval. Sometimes the technician forgets to reset the service minder, or the service is performed before the minder goes off. If that's the case, or when you perform your own maintenance, you'll need to reset the Maintenance Minder yourself. The procedure to reset the maintenance minder is the same for every Maintenance Minder-equipped Honda vehicle. Keep in mind, not all Hondas have this feature.

Step 1

Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the ignition switch to the "on" position. Do not start the Honda.

Step 2

Press the "Sel/Reset" button repeatedly until the oil life indicator appears on the display.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Sel/Reset" button until the oil life indicator and maintenance code blinks.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Sel/Reset" button until the oil life indicator resets to 100 and the maintenance item code is no longer displayed.

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