How to Reset a Volvo Check Engine Light

by Alibaster Smith
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The check engine light in a Volvo alerts the driver that service is needed or that a critical engine component is failing or malfunctioning. The check engine light also indicates that an error code has been generated by the Volvo's electronic control unit. These codes are stored in the control unit's memory until you reset them. Once the underlying problem has been fixed, or maintenance has been done, you will need to reset the check engine light.

Step 1

Open the fuse panel cover under the steering wheel by turning the lock knob counterclockwise and pulling down on the fuse cover.

Step 2

Plug the electrical connector on the diagnostic tool into the pinned input slot in the fuse panel.

Step 3

Turn the Volvo's ignition key to the "II" position in the ignition.

Step 4

Wait for the light on the diagnostic tool to stop flashing. The codes on your Volvo's electronic control unit should be cleared at this point and the check engine light will reset itself.

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