How to Fix a Motorcycle Mirror Vibration

by Adam Paul
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If you ride your motorcycle down the road and see nothing but a blur in the mirror, this may be due to excessive engine vibration and is a dangerous situation. You need the mirror to perform safe lane changes, or that blur could be a police officer approaching at high speed. Fortunately, there is a way to turn that blur into a crystal clear reflection and allow you to have a safe, enjoyable ride.

Step 1

Visit your local motorcycle dealer's parts department and purchase a set of mirror vibration isolators. The isolators look like rubber plugs with a threaded rod section on one end and a threaded hole on the other. The isolators are designed to fit between the motorcycle's mirror mount and the mirror itself.

Step 2

Remove the motorcycle mirror with a 13 mm wrench.

Step 3

Thread the isolator into the hole for the mirror.

Step 4

Thread the mirror into the hole on the isolator.

Step 5

Tighten the entire assembly with the 13 mm wrench and adjust the mirror to your preference.

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