How do I Take Scraped Paint From Another Car Off My Car?

by KellyB

Getting a scratch on your car while driving is very common, and the small scratches are usually created when trying to park. Taking your car to an auto repair shop to take out scraped paint scratches can be costly and time consuming, but you can do the simple repair on your own in just a few steps.

Step 1

Clean the area of your car where the paint is scraped. Use warm water and cloth to wipe away the dirt. The warm water will begin to take off the paint left by the other car.

Step 2

Dry the area with a clean cloth. The surface must be completely dry because water will not allow the rubbing and polishing compounds to adhere to the car's surface.

Step 3

Apply small dabs of rubbing compound on the scraped area, about a teaspoon of rubbing compound for every dab.

Step 4

Rub the area with a cloth using a circular motion. Rub the area gently at first, then gradually apply more force while rubbing. Continue rubbing until the scraped paint is gone. The rubbing compound will leave the color of your car a little dull on this area.

Step 5

Apply the polishing compound onto the affected area using a clean cloth. Apply it in the same way as the rubbing compound, moving across the surface in circular motion. Gradually apply more force as you rub the area to make it shine. When you finish, the scraped paint will be gone and your car will have its old color back.

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