How to Use Loctite on Wheel Lug Nuts

by Jen Davis
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Loctite Threadlocker products can be used on automotive lug nuts to keep them tightly secured on your vehicle. However, you have to be careful what type of Loctite you use on your lug nuts or you may not be able to remove them ever again. Use a medium-strength Loctite Threadlocker, such as Threadlocker Blue 242, on your car's lug nuts. Loctite Theadlocker Blue 242 can be removed using hand tools.

Step 1

Remove the lug nuts from your car with a lug wrench.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash and dry the lug nuts and the bolts that the lug nuts attach to. Loctite will not form a proper seal if there's dirt or other debris on the area where it's being applied.

Step 3

Remove Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 from its package and shake it thoroughly. Apply Loctite to both the lug nut and the bolt according to the manufacturer's directions, making sure to get Loctite into the threads. Don't apply Loctite on the first three threads.

Step 4

Place the lug nuts back on the bolts and tighten them thoroughly using lug wrench. Allow to set for 10 minutes. Loctite will fully cure within 24 hours of application.

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