How to Apply Rain-X on Acrylic

by Stanley Washington
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Rain-X is a window treatment that repels rain and is often used to treat glass windshields in automobiles. The product can also be used to treat acrylic such as wind screens in boats. Rain-X creates a product specifically designed for Plexiglass and is sold as a marine version. Applying the original Rain-X formula to acrylic will harm it to the point of decay. The alcoholic content of the original spray is not recommended in use with acrylics such as Plexiglass.

Step 1

Acquire the marine version of Rain-X. This can be done at most marine shops that offer a section devoted to detailing boats and other marine vehicles.

Step 2

Clean the acrylic surface. Use a mixture of soap and water. Clean the surface completely as the Rain-X formula will need to reach the surface and will not work properly if obstructed.

Step 3

Rinse the acrylic surface thoroughly. Dry the windshield or allow it to dry over time.

Step 4

Apply the Rain-X to the acrylic surface with a soft cloth. Apply to the entire surface area of the acrylic. Let the Rain-X dry and turn to a haze.

Step 5

Remove the Rain-X completely after it has dried using a soft cloth. Gently rub the acrylic surface until there are no traces of the product. If the weather is humid, drying may take longer.

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