How to Remove Herculiner

by Ryan Marsch

Herculiner is a polyurethane coating mixed with rubber granules that is most often used as a protective bed liner for trucks. Unlike conventional bed liners that are slipped into place, Herculiner is a spray-on application (similar to Line-X and Rhino Liner). There are several different ways to remove Herculiner, from peeling or grinding it off by hand to using chemicals like brake fluid, paint thinner or mineral spirits. However, the method outlined here is the one I have found to work the best.

Step 1

Purchase a gallon (or more, depending on the size of the area to be removed) of aircraft stripper. This can be purchased at most automotive-supply stores.

Step 2

Apply a thin coat of the stripper to the Herculiner. After a short amount of time, the Herculiner will start to wrinkle and bubble up.

Step 3

After the liner has bubbled up over most of the surface, use a tool (such as a paint scraper or flat-head screwdriver) to scrape the Herculiner from the surface.

Step 4

Reapply the aircraft stripper to any areas that do not come off. You may have to do this several times depending on how long the Herculiner has been on the surface and how well it is attached.

When the Herculiner has been removed from the surface, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. You need to do this to prevent the aircraft stripper from drying on the surface and to help prepare it for any application that you may wish to reapply.


  • Aircraft stripper works more effectively in warm conditions. Try parking or sitting what you are stripping in the sunlight to speed the removal process.


  • Aircraft stripper is made up primarily of a chlorinated solvent called Dichloromethane, which is a suspected carcinogen. This means that it is suspected to cause cancer, as well as being toxic to your vital organs if you breath the vapors during use. Aircraft stripper will start to burn the skin immediately upon contact.

Items you will need

  • Aircraft stripper
  • Soap
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Paint mask
  • Paint scraper

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