How to Restore Enamel Badges

by Owen E. Richason IV

Old enamel badges or hood ornaments are exposed to weather elements for many years. Over the course of time, these badges may begin to fade, loosing the original color and shine. To restore an enamel badge, you can take it to a professional auto body restoration shop. Or you can do it yourself using just a few items. The restoration is simple, straightforward and can be done in about 30 minutes time.

Step 1

Put on rubber gloves.

Step 2

Pour acetone directly onto the enamel badge and allow it to soak in for five to 10 minutes. This will break up dirt and grime, as well as act as a paint remover.

Step 3

Scrub the enamel badge with steel wool, if necessary, to get down to the bare metal. Allow the acetone to evaporate once the badge is clean and free of old paint.

Step 4

Shake up a bottle of nail polish that matches the original color of the enamel badge, then dip the cap brush into the colored nail polish and dab it onto the enamel badge.

Step 5

Use a small craft brush to spread the colored nail polish over the enamel badge carefully. Allow the colored nail polish to dry between 10 and 15 minutes.

Step 6

Apply two coats of clear nail polish with a clean, unused craft brush to protect the finish and make the enamel badge look original. Wait 10 to 15 minutes between each coat of clear nail polish.

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