How to Clean Up a Diesel Fuel Spill

by TJ Hinton
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Spread oil absorbent products over the spill. If you are using a granulated absorbent, you may build a berm around the spill to prevent it from spreading, but if you are using pads, start laying them down around the edge to arrest the spill. Finish covering the spill and allow the absorbent to become fully saturated. Pick up all of the saturated material and repeat until the bulk of the fuel is picked up. Contain and dispose of the used absorbent according to local laws and ordinances. Wet the area with water and scrub it using soap and a brush. Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.


Granulated absorbents are available on the market under names such as Kleen-Sweep, Super White Clay Absorbent and Oil Gator. Absorbent mats, booms and socks are also available through a variety of sources. Commercial cleaners such as WildCat cleaner and Greased Lightening, as well as Dawn dish-washing liquid, are capable of cutting the petroleum and washing away the remaining diesel.

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