How to Make Grease From Recycled Motor Oil

by Lacy Enderson

Car grease is used to lubricate car parts so the vehicle runs better. It is a thick substance that covers and remains on objects effectively. Whereas a substance like oil is runny, and would flow right off a car part, grease is more like Vaseline: It stays put. If you don't have any car grease at home, there is a simple way to make your own.

Scoop out 4 tbsp. of petroleum jelly with a plastic spoon and put it in a plastic bowl you won't mind throwing away later.

Put an oil pan under your car and drain out 2 tbsp. of already-used motor oil.

Add the recycled oil to the petroleum jelly and mix it with the plastic spoon until it is well-blended.

Continue mixing the petroleum jelly with the recycled oil until the entire mixture is the color of the oil.


  • As you are mixing the petroleum jelly with the recycled oil, the mixture will stick to the spoon in a glob. Wipe the spoon onto the side of the bowl occasionally to knock the mixture back into the bowl.


  • Use a plastic spoon and bowl so you can throw them away when you are finished.

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