How to Reset a Honda Odyssey Maintenance Required Light

by David Clair
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Some models of the Honda Odyssey calculate, based on driving conditions, when to display engine oil life and maintenance service items on the information display. When it is time for regular service, such as an oil change, a maintenance reminder illuminates. Most Honda dealers and many other mechanics will reset the maintenance system when they do the maintenance procedure. If the mechanic does not reset it, or if you perform your own maintenance, you can reset the maintenance light manually.

Step 1

Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the ignition switch to the "II" position.

Step 2

Press and release the "select/reset" button on the information display until the maintenance message displays.

Step 3

Push and hold down the "select/reset" button for approximately 10 seconds until the maintenance-required light starts to blink on and off.

Step 4

Push and hold the "select/reset" button for about five more seconds until the maintenance light resets.

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