How to Seal Windshield Cracks With Fingernail Polish

by Scott Levin
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If a flying rock takes a large chip out of your windshield, the initial damage may be minimal. Soon, however, that chip can lead to long cracks that stretch across the entire surface. Professional windshield repair can be costly. Those looking for a do-it-yourself windshield sealant will find a temporary solution in the cosmetics aisle. Fingernail polish serves as an adhesive that can be used to help prevent cracks from spreading.

Step 1

Move your car into a shaded area. This keeps the sun from drying the nail polish too quickly.

Step 2

Load the polish brush with enough nail polish to coat the windshield crack.

Step 3

Apply polish throughout the crack, filling the hole with an even layer. Apply polish all the way to the end of any cracks that have already started to form. Coating the ends of the cracks may minimize any spreading.

Step 4

Apply a coat of nail polish along the crack on the inside of the glass. This further fortifies the cracked area.

Step 5

Move your car into the sun once you have completely filled the cracks with nail polish. The sun will dry the nail polish into the windshield chips, creating an adhesive to help prevent further cracking.

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