How to Fix Auto Paint That Is Discolored in Spots

by Jenny CarverUpdated July 26, 2023

Wash the entire car with car wash soap and a sponge. Rinse the car and allow it to dry completely. Washing the car before restoring the color lets you begin with a clean surface. Rubbing dirt into the car's surface can cause scratches.

Pour liquid rubbing compound onto a cotton towel. Use a small amount and add more as needed. Rub the compound directly onto the discolored spots, using small, circular motions and force against the surface. The discoloration should disappear as the original color shows up in its place. Rub until the compound is no longer visible. The abrasives in the rubbing compound strip away any oxidation on the surface that can cause discoloration.

Apply a small amount of car polish to a clean cotton towel and polish each area that was rubbed with compound. Use small circular motions to buff the spot. The car polish may be applied to the entire car to shine the entire surface. This will make all of the auto paint blend together and look even.

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