How to Remove a Blind Spot Mirror

by Amy Lukavics
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Blind spot mirrors, also knows as "fish eye" mirrors, are used on vehicle side mirrors to eliminate the infamous blind spot on typical mirrors. They are attached with the help of a stick-on adhesive and can prove very difficult to remove without breaking or cracking the mirror. There is a technique you can use to quickly and easily remove the blind spot mirror, leaving no trace that it was even there in the first place.

Step 1

Use a pair of scissors to cut a 12-inch-long piece of fishing line. Spray the outside edges of the mirror with water-displacement spray. Wrap the fishing line around each of your hands so that you have solid control over the line.

Step 2

Place the fishing line over the top of the mirror and gently wiggle it back and forth until the fishing line has made its way behind the mirror. Continue to wiggle the fishing line in a sawing motion down the mirror, adding more spray if necessary. Pull the fishing line downward until the mirror detaches.

Step 3

Wipe a soft cloth over the remaining spray on the mirror, using small circular motions to eliminate the sticky residue left from the blind spot mirror.

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