How to Unlock a Ford Escape With a Dead Battery

by Allen Moore
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Many Ford Escapes have power door locks as standard equipment. This system consists of a lock switch, lock actuator and wiring harness. When you depress the lock switch, it sends an electronic signal through the harness to the actuator. The actuator moves an internal piston that either pulls the actuator hook down or pushes it up. The actuator hook connects to the lock rod, which either locks or unlocks the door, depending on which way you push the lock button. While this system won't work with a dead battery, the mechanical lock system remains unaffected by electrical power loss.

Step 1

Insert the door lock key into the driver's door lock.

Step 2

Turn the key counterclockwise one quarter turn.

Step 3

Pull the door handle up until the Escape's door opens. Once the driver door is open, simply open the remaining doors by pulling the interior door handles until the doors open.

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