How to Set the RBDS on a Ford Focus

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The radio broadcast data systems (RBDS) on a Ford Focus radio allows you to search for FM radio stations that play music within a specific category, such as "Rock," "Jazz," "R&B" or "Country." To set the feature, also known as RDS, turn on the radio, follow the prompts and search for radio stations.

Step 1

Activate the radio by starting the Focus's engine or by turning the key to "Run."

Step 2

Push the "Menu" button on the radio control panel repeatedly until "RDS" displays on the radio screen.

Step 3

Push the "Seek/Track" button to turn on the feature.

Step 4

Push the "FM" button to begin using the RBDS feature. Push "Cat/Fold" then push "Down" or "Up" to select your category. Example categories are "Rock" and "Jazz."

Step 5

Push "Seek/Track" to scan for stations in the selected category.

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