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How to Set the RBDS on a Ford Focus

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The radio broadcast data systems (RBDS) on a Ford Focus radio allows you to search for FM radio stations that play music within a specific category, such as "Rock," "Jazz," "R&B" or "Country." To set the feature, also known as RDS, turn on the radio, follow the prompts and search for radio stations.

Activate the radio by starting the Focus's engine or by turning the key to "Run."

Push the "Menu" button on the radio control panel repeatedly until "RDS" displays on the radio screen.

Push the "Seek/Track" button to turn on the feature.

Push the "FM" button to begin using the RBDS feature. Push "Cat/Fold" then push "Down" or "Up" to select your category. Example categories are "Rock" and "Jazz."

Push "Seek/Track" to scan for stations in the selected category.


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