How to Set the Clock in a 2002 Ford Explorer

by Mindi Orth
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A sport utility vehicle manufactured by Ford Motor Company, the Explorer made its debut in 1991 and has continued to maintain its popularity. The 2002 Ford Explorer came equipped with a digital clock built into the radio, allowing drivers to keep track of time while on the road. Occasionally, the clock indicates the incorrect time due to battery replacement or the time change, and performing the simple task of setting the clock can become frustrating if the owners manual suddenly turns up missing. Reset the clock quickly and get back on the road and to your destination on time.

Step 1

Press and hold the “CLK” control located on the clock and radio assembly.

Step 2

Select the hour section by pressing the upper portion of the “Seek” radio control, and set the hour using the radio volume control.

Step 3

Select the minute section by pressing the lower portion of the “Seek” radio control, and set the minutes using the radio volume control.

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