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How to Change the Clock on a 2000 Ford Truck

by Justin Cupler

Starting in 2000, Ford's F-150 offered four different stereo systems, ranging from a no-frills, two-speaker, AM-FM system to one with a CD changer. Setting the clock varies between these systems.

AM-FM Stereo and AM-FM-Cassette Stereo

Press and hold the "CLK" button until "Clock Set" shows on the display. Change the hour setting by pressing the "Seek" arrows and change the minutes using the "Tune" arrows. Press "CLK" to accept your setting.

AM-FM-Cassette Stereo With CD Changer Controls and AM-FM-CD Stereo

Press and release the "RDS" button until "Select Hour" shows on the display, and then press the "SEL" arrows until the clock shows the correct hour. Press and release the "RDS" button until "Select Mins" shows on the display, and then use the "SEL" arrows to choose the correct minute setting.

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