How to Change the Clock on Mercedes ML350

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Mercedes M-Class, which includes the ML350, ML550 and ML63, has an advanced driving control system, which is to be expected from almost any high-line vehicle. Unfortunately, with so many controls, bells and whistles, it's sometimes difficult to figure out how to make simple changes, such as changing the time on the vehicle's clock. Once you get comfortable with your driving control system, the process is fairly easier. The clock setting procedure is the same on all 2006 to 2010 models.

Step 1

Insert your smart key into the ignition module.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the left side of your steering wheel to bring up the Mercedes-Benz menu. Press the "Up" or "Down" arrows on the right side of your steering wheel to browse through the menu options.

Step 3

Stop when the display reads "Settings." Press the "Menu" button to enter the Settings menu.

Step 4

Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons until the message "Time/Date" appears. Press the "Menu" button to enter.

Step 5

Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons to highlight "Clock Set Hour," then press the "Menu" button again.

Step 6

Press the "+" or "-" button on your steering wheel -- right side, beneath arrows -- to adjust the hour display. Press the "Menu" button to exit and save your changes.

Step 7

Press the "Up" or "Down" arrows to highlight "Clock Set Minute," then press "Menu" to enter. Press the positive "+" or negative "-" button to adjust the minute display, then press "Menu" to exit.

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