How to Change the Clock on Your Cadillac STS

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Cadillac STS has a built-in digital clock display in the factory radio. The clock's digits appear on the radio screen, right next to the tuner display digits. If you've noticed that the clock shows an incorrect time, you'll need to change the clock to update it. This may happen after daylight savings time, or if you've replaced or disconnected the STS' battery.

Step 1

Crank your Cadillac STS's engine, or turn the ignition to "On" to activate the car's electronics.

Step 2

Push the "Seek Right" knob on the right side of the STS's radio. This opens the main menu. Turn the "Seek Right" knob to select "Set Clock."

Step 3

Press the "Seek Right" knob again to make the selection.

Step 4

Turn the "Seek Right" knob to adjust the time. There is no separate setting for the hour or minute; just turn the knob until the desired time shows on the clock.

Step 5

Press the "Seek Right" knob to save the changes you have made to the STS's clock.

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