How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma

by David Clair
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The 2006 Toyota Tacoma is equipped with a maintenance reminder light that illuminates every 4,500 miles. This light reminds the driver that the engine oil should be replaced as part of the Tacoma's regular maintenance. If the Tacoma has been driven 5,000 miles since the light was reset, the light will come on when the truck is running and stay lit constantly. When a service technician changes the oil on the Tacoma, he resets the maintenance reminder light. If the owner does his own maintenance, he will need to reset the maintenance light manually.

Step 1

Turn the ignition to the "Off" position. Leave the key in the ignition.

Step 2

Hold down the "Trip Odometer Reset" knob.

Step 3

Turn the ignition to the "On" position. Continue pressing on the "Trip Odometer Reset" knob until the odometer indicates "0000000" and the maintenance light goes off. Release the knob.

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