How to Set a Clock on a 2005 Jeep

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Jeep has been producing rugged, off-road sports utility vehicles since 1941, when the automaker was founded as a division of the Chrysler Group. Jeep includes a digital clock as a standard feature in its vehicles. In 2005 Jeep vehicles, this clock is located on the audio systems panel. Setting the clock in your 2005 Jeep to the correct time takes less than a minute.

Step 1

Hold down the "Time" button, located at the top of the audio systems panel, until the hours digits on the digital display begin to blink.

Step 2

Turn the "Tune/Audio" control, located on the right side of the audio panel, until the hours place digits reflect the desired number value.

Step 3

Push the "Tune/Audio" control to advance the blinking to the minutes digits. Rotate the "Tune/Audio" control until the appropriate minutes value is shown.

Press any button to exit the Jeep's time-setting mode.

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