How to Activate Ford Heated Seats With a Remote Starter

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Ford unveiled a handy remote start feature known as Intelligent Access starting with the 2011 Ford Edge and Ford Edge Sport. It allows drivers to customize their climate control. One can set the vehicle's heated seats to automatically come on when using the remote start. This feature does not work if it is hot outside; it works only when it's cold. The external temperature sensor will prevent you from programming the heated seats to come on in hot weather.

Step 1

Crank your Ford's engine. Push the "Up" or "Down" arrow on the steering wheel control to navigate through the cluster menu.

Step 2

Push "Ok" when you reach "Settings." Push "Up" or "Down" again to navigate to "Convenience." Push "OK."

Step 3

Navigate to "Remote Start." Push "OK." Navigate to "Driver's Seat" and push "OK" to change the selection from "Off" to "Auto." Navigate to "Passenger Seat" and do the same if you want to activate the heated seats for the passenger side as well.

Step 4

Navigate to "Duration." Push "OK" and select "5," "10" or "15" minutes for the maximum duration of the heated seat activation while using the remote start.

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