Valet Remote Starter Instructions

by Meg North
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Once installed, the Valet Remote Car Starter is an easy way to start or turn off your car without using your key. Within the car is an electrical module that transmits a signal to the transmitter, which then prompts the car to begin its starting motions. When it's too hot to get in your car in the summer, you can start your car and cool it off with the air-conditioning unit. When it's too cold in the winter, you can stay safely indoors and then start your car, which will warm up the engine.

Step 1

Change the programmable operating settings through the computer-based Learn Routine in the Valet Remote Car Starter owner's manual. Turn your car on and then off.

Step 2

Press and hold the Valet/Program switch until the LED flashes once and the horn honks once to select Menu One, or the LED flashes twice and the horn honks twice to select Menu Two.

Step 3

Press and release the Valet/Program switch within 10 seconds. Press and release the switch the same number of times it corresponds to the feature number you want to program.

Step 4

Press the Valet/Program switch once more and hold down. Then the LED light flashes, letting you know what feature you've accessed.

Step 5

Hold the transmitter and use it to change the setting. Press Channel 1 for the "LED ON" setting, press Channel 2 for the "LED OFF" setting.

Step 6

Release the Valet/Program switch.

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