How to Change the Clock in a Chevy Astro Van

by Shae Hazelton

If you own a Chevy Astro Van, you might find it easier to change the time in this vehicle than in other vehicles with more complicated dashboard clocks. All the buttons you need are laid out in an intuitive way, and you won't have to struggle to reach ill-placed reset buttons.

Step 1

Insert the key into your ignition and move it into the "On" position. The van must be on in order to display the digital light. Turn off the radio, if it's on.

Step 2

Search the dashboard for the "Set" button. That will alert the clock's system that you intend to change the time.

Step 3

Press the "Scan" buttons to change the minutes and hours. Some models allow you to hold down the buttons and run through the numbers, while others require to you to continually hit the scan buttons to change the time.

Step 4

Press the "Set" button again after you've selected the correct time. This will tell your clock's system that you have finished setting the time. Next time you hit the scan button the time won't move.

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