How to Set Pre-Set Radio Stations in Cars

by Shanan Miller
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Presetting radio stations, a convenience option offered for just about all vehicle radios, allows you to change channels while keeping your eyes on the road. Rather than use the tuner to scan through stations or back and forth between them, you can press one button to reach them instead. Depending on the age of your radio system, you may have as few as four presets available or more than 30 in newer models or more-advanced radios.

Step 1

Power the radio by either starting your vehicle or by turning the key to the "accessory" position. Press the radio's "on" button if it doesn't turn on immediately.

Step 2

Look below the radio's display screen. You should see about six buttons individually numbered. Turn your tuner to any of your preferred radio stations.

Step 3

Choose one of the numbered buttons to save the radio station. Press and hold the button and do not release it. Wait until you hear a "beep" or until the radio station flashes on the display and returns to normal --- either signifies that the station is saved.

Step 4

Do the same for each radio station you want to save.

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