Buick Lesabre Radio Instructions

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Buick LeSabre's radio varies depending on the vehicle year model, but the basic instructions are similar. The outlined procedure is specifically for the last-generation Buick LeSabre, which was produced between 2000 and 2005. Some LeSabres have a CD player; others have a cassette player; others have a combination unit that contains both. All of the LeSabre radios have AM and FM bands.

Listening to Music

Step 1

Insert your key into the ignition. Crank the engine. The radio should automatically turn on. If it doesn't, press the "Vol" knob to turn the power on.

Step 2

Select the band associated with the music you want to listen to. If you want to listen to the FM band, press "Band" until the display screen shows "FM." If you want to listen to the AM band, press "Band" until the screen shows "AM."

Step 3

Turn the "Tune" knob to the right to advance the dial. Pay attention to the display screen. This lets you know which station you are tuned into. To dial back, turn the "Tune" knob to the left.

Step 4

Insert a CD to listen to a CD. The disc begins playing automatically. Press the "Seek >>" button to skip forward to the next track. To move to a previous track, press the "<< Seek" button.

Step 5

Insert a cassette tape to listen to it, if your Buick LeSabre's radio has a cassette player. Be sure that the tape side of the cassette is facing to the right. Use the "Seek" buttons if you need to fast forward or rewind the tape. Press the "Side" button if you want to flip over to the other side of the cassette tape.

Setting the Preset Stations

Step 1

Press the "Band" button to select the desired band. Use the "Tune" knob to select the radio station that you want to save to the memory.

Step 2

Press the radio button marked "EQ." Then press and hold the preset button that you want to program to the specific radio station.

Step 3

Repeat for each preset radio station that you want to save to the memory. You can save up to six presets for each band.

Setting the Clock

Step 1

Look closely in the upper-right corner of the radio. You'll see a tiny "H" and "M" button. You'll use these to set the Buick LeSabre's clock.

Step 2

Press and hold "H" to set the hour. Release the button when the clock reaches the correct hour.

Step 3

Press and hold "M" to set the minute. Release when the minute is correct.

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