How to Reset a Radio That Shows as Locked on a 2004 Chevy

by Alibaster Smith
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The radio on your 2004 Chevy uses a radio lock that engages whenever you cut power to the radio. This feature helps to protect the radio from being used if it is ever stolen. In this respect it acts as a theft deterrent. The thinking is simple: even if a crook were to steal the radio, it would be useless to that person since without the unlock code from the manufacturer, the radio cannot be operated. Unfortunately, this means that if you lose the radio code, you will need to have your radio reset by a General Motors dealership. If you do have the code, you can reset the radio yourself.

Step 1

Turn the radio on by pressing the "power button" on the radio console.

Step 2

Wait until the radio flashes "CODE" on the display screen.

Step 3

Press in the code on the radio console number pad.

Step 4

Wait for the display screen to stop reading "CODE" and return to a normal display. This will reset the radio and allow you to use it once again.

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